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New Song We Sing


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INTRO – A, D, A, D

VERSE 1 (2x)
     D                A             D                        A
You are the God who reconciles the wayward heart through Christ
     D                 A
The old has gone, the new has come
       F#min    E/G#      A
We are re - conciled by love,
      F#min     E/G#      A
we are re - conciled by love

     D           A           E
And this is the new song we sing
To the king of heaven
D           A           E
This is the new song we bring
After all you’ve given
D          A            E
We stand before you redeemed
As your children
D           E           A
This is the new song we sing

VERSE 2 (1x)
We who were once so far away are brought near by Your blood
The barrier has been destroyed
By Your grace we freely come,
by Your grace we freely come


    A              D/A
We live in You, we live for you
   A               D/A
We live to you our king
     A               D/A
We stand in You, we stand for You
    A              D/A
We stand as your redeemed


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