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Meet With Me


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I'm here to meet with You
Come and meet with me
I'm here to find You
Reveal Yourself to me

As I wait, You make me strong
As I long, You draw me to your arms
As I stand, and I sing Your praise
You come, You come and You fill this place.

Won't You come, won't You come and fill this place.

(Guitar Solo)
Em	C	G	D
Em	C	G	D
Em	C	G	D
Em       C        D	C

Opt. Key Change (VERSE and CHORUS: A-D-E-A)

 - Opening Chords
 - Verse
 - Chorus
 - Verse
 - Chorus (w/ last line)
 - Guitar Solo (Interlude)
 - Key Change
 - Verse
 - Chorus (w/ last line)
 - Repeat last line
 - Ending (AA-D-EE-A)

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