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About TFW

TabsForWorship is intended to be a very easy-to-use resource to get tabs for your favorite worship songs. Before we built the site, we spent quite a while planning the structure of the site to help make it as intuitive as possible. We've done things quite differently than any other tab site on the internet, but I think you'll see why.

There are two big things that we've done differently:

First, we don't just drop all of the tabs for a song into an artist's area, as this gets quite messy. For example, suppose you're looking at Chris Tomlin's tabs. On a normal tab site, you might see something like this:

  • Captured
  • Enough
  • Enough2
  • Enough with tab
  • Enough bass
  • Enough tab2
  • Everlasting God
  • Everlasting God capo 2
  • ...

You end up showing each song a handful of times, making a big mess. We've taken the step of pre-loading the songs into the site, then allowing you to supply the tabs for each song. A similar listing on our site might look like this:

  • Captured (1)
  • Enough (5)
  • Everlasting God (2)

Now that we've split the songs out from the tabs, we thought we'd take another big step. As I'm sure you've noticed, many popular worship songs are covered by a variety of artists. On most tab sites, you end up with many listings for the same song, like this:

  • Matt Redman --> Blessed Be Your Name
  • Newsboys --> Blessed Be Your Name
  • Tree63 --> Blessed Be Your Name

Beyond that, each artist may have a few versions of the song, some of which are probably copied directly from the listing beneath a different artist. To fix this, we've left the "song" database and the "artist" database completely separate, then tagged artists and songs together as much as possible. As a result, you get pages like this that show every tab for the song, as well as details about each artist that has performed the song and each album where it has appeared.

The one downside to this approach is that we can't allow tab submissions for a song that isn't in our database. To that end, we're adding songs, artists and albums as quickly as possible. Many will be lacking tabs for a short while, but your submissions will help to fix that.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in the forums. Thanks!

Current stats:

  • Artists: 430
  • Songs: 2,973
  • Tabs: 3,158

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